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Welcome to my Web site!

This site is to give some information about me and to make other people find me on the web. My name is Thomas Black-Petersen. I am born 1972 and I live in Lyngby (near Copenhagen) in Denmark (Europe).

I work with IT (business intelligence, CRM, integration) at Intelliminds in Copenhagen.

My private interest are British Cars - mainly roadster from 1960's. I bought my first real car in 1994: A 1968 Triumph Spitfire MK III. I don't think I will ever sell the car again.

I once read: "If a man experienced giving birth to a child, it would be so much pain and such a wild experience that the man will write a book about it, give lectures and feel like a hero for all the hard work".

Making a car reborn is at close as I can get. For me it is the ultimate experience of self realization. If work at an office and I will build a complete car. The engine will start and the car will run. Wow.

I am not writing a book but I will make this website instead. This is while my girlfriend is pregnant with our first child.

Thomas Black-Petersen

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