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Restoration Part I
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The Big Restoration Project Part I - The beginning

The project started in 2001 when I realized that the car could not pass the legal requirements for car inspection. Several holes in the floor panels had come since last inspection. I could do a cheep and fast reparation but on the other side I have always felt the need and had the passion to build a car. All of it. During the years before I had done work on engine, interior and changed many parts. But never any work on the body of separated the body from the frame.

Together with an other Triumph club member I hired a workshop about 35 kilometer from where I lived. Even though I thought I might do a fast job I quickly ended up stripping the complete car. Everything was bagged and numbered. I still would have liked some more photos for documentation of how put the parts back on again. An even though I took many pictures and I have many books on Triumph - I should have taken more pictures. I is hard to remember after three years how to fit everything.

It was really fast dismantling the car. The body, bolts and many part went off to grid blasting at Jyderup Sandblęseri. Before this all bolts was measured detailed in size and numbered with page number and item number from the workshop manual to make sure, that when I got all the bolt back (in one box) then I could but them in small plastic bags for each location.

The body was very poor when it returned. A lot of panels had to replaced. Sills, floors, rear wing, doors, boot bottom and rear panel and many other items. I had to learn to weld and the boot was the training project. I learned that the welding is very fast and not that difficult. But taking out panels without damaging the other parts was a hard job. It took more than a day just to take out the floor panel in one side. After a few month with sleepless night and the thought that the project might stop here, I found out that my girlfriends cousin was is a professional welder. He spend 130 hours finishing the job. I was very impressed that everything fitted because this was his first Triumph and the first car with no roof. He made several panels himself around the wind screen fittings and at the A post.

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