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Restoration Part I
Restoration Part II
Restoration Part III


The car gives me passion to understand, repair and restore all parts of car.

The satisfaction of hearing a rebuild engine starting for the first time!

In 1996 the engine in my car broke down. I could see the drive belt for the fan and generator moving when I pushed the clutch and the engine could not idle. I took the engine out and took it to pieces. It goes really fast and I had never seen and engine from the inside. The trust washers had fallen down the sump and the crank shaft and block was damaged. I bought a new engine block, new pistons, new bearings and many more items. I took about six weeks to clean, buy understand how it worked. The assembly it self took less than 10 hours and the I started the engine.... It did not work. There was no more petrol left. I had to buy some liters of petrol and it started. Was a feeling! I felt the ultimate challenge had been accomplished. To build a complete engine that works.

The car is now from 2001 until 2006? going to be completely reborn and there is not a bolt or nut I haven't refitted.

Read the detailed description part on the left menu or have a look at the photo album to see the work in progress.

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